Albert as the Jade Dragoon

Albert is the rightful king of Serdio. When Albert was six years old, his father, Carlos, was murdered by his uncle, Doel, who then became the Emperor of Serdio. This divided the country into war, and into two parts: Sandora (to the south) and Basil (to the north). Though Albert is the rightful king of all Serdio, he only rules Basil. Albert is a gentle, wise man with a wide vocabulary and soft personality, and enjoys politics and books. He joins Dart after Lavitz was killed in Hellena, and this is when Albert also inherited the Jade Dragoon Spirit. King Albert considers Lavitz one of his best and most trusted friends, and it was Lavitz who also taught King Albert how to use the Javelin. When Albert travels to Fletz, he falls in love with Princess Emille.

In BattleEdit

When you have Albert in battle, he just like Lavitz, uses a lance. He shares the same additions as Lavitz so the transition isn't that hard to adjust to.