I have lived only for myself.... Lavitz! I am going to Hoax with you. I don't want to see anymore senseless bloodshed... We have to end the war first.

-Dart Feld

Dart Feld is the hero and main character of The Legend of Dragoon game. He is the first playable character in the game and is present in all parties (he cannot be replaced). Dart is an all-round good fighter with average physical and magical stats. He wields a longsword in battle and has more additons than any other playable character (7 in total).

Story Edit

Template:Spoilers Dart begins the game returning from a five year journey to find the Black Monster. On the final leg of his journey, he is attacked by a dragon and rescued by a passing warrior. Upon finally reaching his village, Seles, he discovers it burnt to the ground. After he fights off the remaining Imperial soldiers, he discovers his childhood friend Shana has been taken to Hellena Prison. In Hellena, he mets and befriends a knight of Basil, Lavitz.