Lavitz as the Jade Dragoon

Lavitz is the head of the First Knighthood in the kindom of Basil and serves under King Albert. He was raised by his father Servi, who was also a Knight for Basil. King Albert considers Lavitz one of his most trusted men and best friend. He first met Dart while escaping Hellena, and since then has acted like an older brother to Dart. He constantly tries to hook Dart up with Shana. Lavitz inherits his Dragoon Spirit after he defeated Greham, who betrayed his father. Sadly, in his second visit to Hellena, Lavitz meets his fate at the hand of the mysterious man, Lloyd, but gets a chance to see his friends one last time in the Death City Mayfil. Lavitz, after his death, is replaced in the game by Albert.

In BattleEdit

When you have Lavitz in battle, he usually wields a lance. His additions are the same as Albert's, but he does and says it completley different.